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Kaleidoskope Fair
27th-Jun-2012 09:46 pm - [sticky post] WELCOME!

A place where people from all over the kingdom gather to share their icons, resources and general goodies, hear the latest news, socialize all around and have fun at the many tents and exhibits. The Ichronicles, the Icon Quest Newspaper, will be updated every week as well, highlighting all the interesting happenings around the icon quest!

Posting Rules | Lottery | Latest Ichronicle | Social posts
The Icon Quest
23 Pride & Prejudice
13 Lost
6 Revenge
5 Teen Wolf
4 each Nikita, Once Upon a Time
3 each Dexter, Grimm, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars
2 each Castle, Game of Thrones, Happy Endings, History of a Salaryman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Modern Family, New Girl, That '70s Show
1 each Dollhouse, Episodes, Friends, Glee, Harry Potter, Suits, The Little Mermaid, Veep

Here at idyllicism.
Jane the Virgin - Jane/Michael - Kiss
21st-Jul-2013 10:02 am - Chapter Four: Sidequest

36 Strike Back icons (cinemax series)
here @ room_6277
⇒ Doctor Who ☆ Light in the dark
19th-Jun-2013 08:26 pm - Ch4 MQ-
42 orphan black icons. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR 1x10.

here @ charmingways
3rd-Jun-2013 09:52 am - Chapter 5 (Main Quest)

(16 icons - Fight Club, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Misc.) - here at wandringsteps
HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red
28th-May-2013 09:43 pm - Chapter 5 - Cap Pool
(Provided Caps - Multifandom)

here at phoebus_ic
28th-May-2013 09:39 pm - Chapter 4 (Mainquest)
(Black Swan,Hercules,Breaking Down 1-2,Avengers, Red Riding Hood, Sucker Punch)

here at phoebus_ic
20th-May-2013 11:11 am - Pimp

a multifandom land comm | apply now! | teams are earth, fire, water & air

30 Iron Man 3 icons (no spoilers - all from trailers)
here @ room_6277
⇒ Doctor Who ☆ Light in the dark
30th-Apr-2013 10:30 pm(no subject)


Sign ups end when challenge one ends!
we will always be friends
22nd-Apr-2013 11:24 am - The Bard path icons
So I've got a bunch of theiconquest-related icons! A majority of them are battle icons (which I won't usually pimp separately, since they get pimped here by whoever's posting the battle) but I made a few for the Bard path in chapter four so they get pimped separately ;). No one else had made any :( it felt so sad and lonely, so I had to make some. Hee.

[25+4] Wheel of Time (Eye of the World graphic novel)
[[15] Animation icons]
[1] Shin Sekai Yori
[1] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
[1] Dumbo
[1] Princess Tutu
[1] Legend of Korra
[1] Code:Breaker
[1] Aladdin
[1] Revolutionary Girl Utena
[1] Tangled
[1] Psycho-Pass
[1] Adventure Time
[1] Paradise Kiss
[1] Durarara!
[1] How to Train Your Dragon
[1] My Little Pony

Here @ eveningsky :)
Maleficent - Motive behind the madness
30 icons for Chapter Five, sidequest and Fringe battle.
(Fringe et al.)

Here at my journal.
harry potter: forget
13th-Apr-2013 09:35 pm - 26 Icons
26 icons made for various challenges

 photo 01_zps85a04d4c.png  photo 07_zps9c11e9b6.png  photo 01_zps56ed2b51.png

here @ greysour
Teen Wolf: Stiles
12th-Apr-2013 03:12 pm - I.C.O.N. x The Resistance tournament

I.C.O.N. x The Resistance

Our heroes emerge victorious!
Starring heroes from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Willow, Merlin, The Vampire Diaries, Hellboy,
Memoirs of a Geisha, The Avengers, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek XI (reboot), Xena,
Spartacus, October Daye, Jane Eyre, and The Sound of Music!

Thank you to our patrons:
angelamaria, waaywardson, justmyb0nes from I.C.O.N. and
rebel, gribouille, mark_pierre, neversleeps from The Resistance

63 amazing icons this way!
HYD - Set them free
8th-Apr-2013 08:14 pm - Chapter 4, Main Quest, Attempt 2
9 True Blood
11 Teen Wolf

here @ rafanatical
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