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How many icons in total were made for the Chapter Six - Melee challenge?

#031 - Which gladiator has participated in the most battles?
[Answer]watchpoint participated in the most battles!
Lottery Winner: paintedtarget! (50 Magic Points)

#030 - Which challenge was this icon made for?
[Answer]Melee, the Chapter Six main quest!
Lottery Winner: iulieki! (50 Power Points)

#029 - Who was the fifth person to receive a player profile at the Castle?
Lottery Winner: growling! (50 Agility Points)

#028 - How many points have been awarded for the chapter two main quest, "Mentors"?
[Answer]9498 as of that Ichronicles. Highlight the points column (X) and look at the bottom right corner of the screen for the sum!
Lottery Winner: No winner!

#027 - Link to one cap that hasn't been used for Chapter Five's side quest yet.
Lottery Winner: iulieki! (50 Magic Points)

#026 - How many members does the largest guild have?
[Answer]The Resistance has 56 members.
Lottery Winner: watchpoint! (50 Hero Points)

#025 - How many Charm points does the strongest Wizard (the player with the most Magic points) have?
[Answer]120 charm points; alisea_dream was the top-scoring Wizard for Week #41.
Lottery Winner: kayable! (50 Agility Points)

#024 - Which Chapter Four Path received the most entries?
Lottery Winner: lemonzter! (50 Charm Points)

#023 - How many lottery winners have there been (including multiple wins by one person)?
Lottery Winner: kibethsbark! (50 Magic Points)

#022 - Which guild won the first guild challenge?
[Answer]The Resistance
Lottery Winner: iulieki! (50 Power Points)

#021 - How many adventurers have won the lottery more than once?
[Answer]three: burntheflaws, watchpoint and messdestruction
Lottery Winner: messdestruction! (50 Agility Points)

#020 - How many players are there in theiconquest at this moment?
Lottery Winner: messdestruction! (50 Charm Points)

#019 - What was the name of the Roy G. Biv Market shop that sold tarot readings?
[Answer]Seven of Swords by kyriefluffins!
Lottery Winner: No winner!

#018 - How many participants did the first Fortress guild battle have?
[Answer]14 participants: alisea_dream x alorarose x burntheflaws x deternot x erinae x aeriiths x liesmiths x margerydaw_s2 x n_e_star x naginis x watchpoint x raiindust x shuijingling x sunshine_flying
Lottery Winner: watchpoint! (50 Power Points)

#017 - How many shops currently at The Roy G. Biv Market (both open and closed) are selling resources and services, but not graphics?
[Answer]Two: haldir_lives13's Beta shop and tinebrella's concrit, tutorials, and texture packs shop.
Lottery Winner: tinitrinity! (50 Agility Points)

#016 - What does CAMALOT stand for?
[Answer]CAstle MAnagement LOrds Team. Castle Management Lollipop Team also accepted. ;) Stated here.
Lotter Winner: No winner!

#015 - Which guilds have held a guild-wide battle? Name at least one!
[Answer]404 Guild Not Found, I.C.O.N., The Resistance
Lottery Winner: marcasite! (50 Magic Points)

#014 - Name one new fall line up show for each of the following networks: ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, FOX?
Lottery Winner: messdestruction! (50 Power Points)

#013 - How many shops are currently open at the Icon Quest?
Lottery Winner: burntheflaws! (50 Agility Points)

#012 - Puzzle!
Lottery Winner: blue_emotion!(50 Charm Points)

#011 - How many registered Wizards (including halves and mixes) are there in the Icon Quest at this moment (09/15/2012)
Lottery Winner: No winner!

#010 - Which are Mauve's (head profiler, county clerk) favorite TV Shows?
[Answer] Spartacus, The Wire, The Hour, BBC Sherlock, Dance Moms.
Lottery Winner: regis!(50 Power Points)

#009 - Who made this icon for the Icon Quest?
Lottery Winner: endearest!(50 Agility Points)

#008 - Which of The Questmaster's moustaches was picked as favorite by the majority of participants in the Icon Quest survey?
[Answer]Green Moustache
Lottery Winner: burntheflaws!(50 Charm Points)

#006 & #007 - How many transactions were completed at the Bank at the moment this question was asked?
Lottery Winner: No winner!(50 Magic Points)

#005 - What is the most iconned fandom at the Icon Quest?
[Answer]Game of Thrones
Lottery Winner: superjesster (50 Power Points)

#004 - Which is the oldest Olympic sport?
Lottery Winner: rebel (50 Agility Points)

#003 - What motif has been the most popular in Chapter 1's Fairytale Motif side quest?
[Answer]Royals (113 icons)
Lottery Winner: ionizable (50 Charm Points)

#002 - A song was reccomended by an adventurer to serve as inspiration to our "Adventure" challenge. Which are the first three lines of the song?
[Answer]Florence and the Machine - Breath of Life
I was looking for a breath of life
For a little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head say, no oh oh

Lottery Winner: vetica (50 Magic Points)

#001 - Who was the first maker to sign up for the Icon Quest?
Lottery Winner: watchpoint (50 Power Points)
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