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Ichronicles #029

♦ Recent Challenges ♦

Chapter Five - Side Quest - Cap Pool
Chapter Five - Main Quest - Weapons

♦ Completed Challenges ♦

Chapter Five - Main Quest - Weapons

Chapter Four - Side Quest - Four Paths

Chapter Two - Main Quest - Mentors

Hover to see maker and click to check the post.

♦ Guild Notices ♦

None this week!

Does your guild have a Quest-wide announcement?
Have it shown here, free of charge! Place it in your locked guild profile list post or send your QM a PM (Pidgeon Mail)

♦ Battles ♦

♦ Open Battles

» kibethsbark x you?
Whedonverse, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Grimm, or themed multifandom

» daleksaresexy x you?
New Girl

» halesmoon x you?
Animation (anything from Disney to anime)

» thyla87 x you?
Les Misérables

Comment here to open a new challenge!

♦ Pending Battles

[Battles to keep an eye out for]
» vapor x growling
Period TV shows

» angelamaria x wikidwitch
Back to the Future (all three films)

» watchpoint x paperdreamss x mark_pierre x sightsee x ofthesea
Game of Thrones

» astrokittie x aeriiths x mark_pierre x fouroux x shuijingling x pamkips x margerydaw_s2 x 12feethigh x lazuli_reikou x phaust_
Video games

» lemonzter x anassa_anemou
Gossip Girl, Glee, Music Videos Caps

» waaywardson x daaydreamer

» aeris_eledhwen x halesmoon x vapor x vintagic x tiah15
Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings

» kirtash_girl x margerydaw_s2 x nupmetal
The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Smallville, Firefly, The Hunger Games, Disney

» xysta x aeriiths

» liesmiths x scoobyatemysnax x nottiem x diesotiosum x raikune x aeriiths x messdestruction x longerthanwedo x spittingfish
Fight Club

» liesmiths x scoobyatemysnax x nottiem x fan_cifully x val_valerie x deternot x vampire_sessah

» sunshine_flying x halesmoon
The Big Bang Theory

» hbics x jacklemmon
Last Resort, Defying Gravity, Firefly

» jacklemmon x absolutelybatty
Xena: Warrior Princess

» theroguepanda x gribouille x my_mindpalace x torzy86 x everythingshiny x mark_pierre
Nikita, Supernatural, White Collar, Once Upon a Time

Watch/join The Iconliseum to stay updated with battles!

♦ Lottery ♦

No one got the answer right this week. :(

The answer was: 9498 as of that Ichronicles. Highlight the points column (X) and look at the bottom right corner of the screen for the sum!

This week's question:
Who was the fifth person to receive a player profile at the Castle?
Answer it!

Buy-in: 5 Agility Points.
Jackpot: 50 Agility Points.
Read the lottery rules here

♦ Featured Shop ♦

W E L C O M E to Dusted Dreams, a store where you will find a wide variety of goods and services available to purchase. Feel free to browse the wares and if you have any questions regarding what is available don't be shy, simply ask away.

Owner: raiindust
Sells: texture packs, concrit, guides, inspiration folders, cap folders, screencaps
Visit shop!

♦ Ads ♦

None this week!

buy an Ad for 5 Agility Points

Anything needs to be added? Any questions or announcements for next week? Critics, suggestions, questions? Leave it in the comments and we'll get back to you.

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