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Kaleidoskope Fair
April 22nd, 2013 
So I've got a bunch of theiconquest-related icons! A majority of them are battle icons (which I won't usually pimp separately, since they get pimped here by whoever's posting the battle) but I made a few for the Bard path in chapter four so they get pimped separately ;). No one else had made any :( it felt so sad and lonely, so I had to make some. Hee.

[25+4] Wheel of Time (Eye of the World graphic novel)
[[15] Animation icons]
[1] Shin Sekai Yori
[1] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
[1] Dumbo
[1] Princess Tutu
[1] Legend of Korra
[1] Code:Breaker
[1] Aladdin
[1] Revolutionary Girl Utena
[1] Tangled
[1] Psycho-Pass
[1] Adventure Time
[1] Paradise Kiss
[1] Durarara!
[1] How to Train Your Dragon
[1] My Little Pony

Here @ eveningsky :)
Maleficent - Motive behind the madness
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