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FAIR - Rules and Information

A place where people from all over the kingdom gather to share their icons, resources and general goodies, hear the latest news, socialize all around and have fun at the many tents and exhibits. The Ichronicles, the Icon Quest Newspaper, will be updated every week as well, highlighting all the interesting happenings around the icon quest.

Posting Rules
Kaleidoskope Fair is the Icon Quest social community. Any member can post, at any times, and all kinds of posts are allowed: discussions, questions, inspirational posts, ask for help, pimping, memes, interactive posts. However, you must observe a few rules before hitting send:

- Please warn for spoilers and NSFW.
- Rudeness or wank won't be tolerated and threads will be frozen.
- Avoid spamming, it's uncool and may result on point subtraction. If you're in doubt, ask the mod.
- Posts containing music, shows or movie download links must be set to friends only. Other posts must be public.

- Icon post pimped MUST include icons made for The Icon Quest.
- You can leave up to three examples before the cut/link.
- No images bigger than 350x350px
- Don't link to a locked post.

Challenge results
If you pimp an icon post to the Fair, the post you pimped must have icons somehow related to The Icon Quest (made for challenges, battles, market sales, etc)

You can post icons made for challenges at The Icon Quest directly to this community if you want to or if there's nowhere else you can post them, but it's not a requirement. You may post them in your own icon community and leave only examples and link at the Fair (crosspost). If you don't want to, you don't need to show up at the Fair at all.

The Ichronicles
The Ichronicles is our weekly newspaper, and will contain highlights of the week in The Icon Quest: new challenges, complete challenges, badges and achievements won, featured shops, ads, posts and memes going on, guild announcements, et al.

You can leave a comment in the Ichronicles post if you think something needs to be added on the respective post or the following week's.

Lottery is an easy way to win points! There'll be a new question every week, answer it correctly, pay 5(or more) points and, if you're lucky, you can take the jackpot home.
More information and rules here

Through our sidebar ads you can advertise whatever you want, be it your shop, a message to a friend, an announcement, a question, how you got 1000points this week, or even something unrelated to the quest, for a tiny 5pts fee.
More information and rules here
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