your Liege Lord (thequestmaster) wrote in iq_thefair,
your Liege Lord

Fortune Teller - Which class does my icon belong to?

HEAR HEAR, a Fortune Teller has come to town! In her booth you can ask about your future, the lottery numbers, or if you're going to meet a tall, rich & handsome partner. But she's specially good about telling which classes your icons belong to.

When you have questions, doubts or second thoughts about the class of specific icons in your batch, you can ask DIRECTLY about them here. You shall be given a modly opinion, along with a short explanation about the choice.

Fortune tellers are sworn to secrecy, so if you want your work to remain a surprise, you can opt for the screened version. In this case, you must leave two comments, one dropping your icons and one in the thread below, where the Teller can leave you an answer. This is because comments are unscreened upon answering, which would leave a window of opportunity where others could see your work before you're ready to share it.

If you don't mind, however, we'd love if you chose unscreened option, since it would benefit the community and participants to have many and varied examples for future reference.

This is a free service, and you can ask about as many icons as you want, as many times you want, and even about icons that are not yours if you want a better grasp on the topic.
Tags: ~exhibitions
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