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Want to score some easy points? Answer the Lottery question right and you'll bring the jackpot home with you. A combo of wits and luck!

You can participate by answering the question of the week in the correct thread, at the Lottery Question post.

Participation fee is 5pts, which will be taken from your score once you comment on the Lottery post, in the current question thread. You can enter your name more than one time, but each time you enter the fee will be higher in a progression (1x: 5pts, 2x: 10pts, 3x: 25pts, 4x: 60pts, 5x: 145pts, and so on)

Each week there will be a previously stated attribute from which the points will be taken from and alloted into, if won. It's a rotation in the following order: Power, Magic, Charm, Agility.

The winner is chosen through a randomizer among those who correctly answered the question. They'll be posted in the Ichronicles of the week, together with the right answer.

The jackpot is comprised of participation fees, other fines and payments given around The Icon Quest (changing guilds, ads, opening shops, etc), and other points the King might want to throw in when he's feeling lucky.

See all previous questions HERE!
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