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Kaleidoskope Fair
1st-Apr-2013 10:50 pm - Chapter One Sidequest
Includes Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

 photo 09_zps25f88ed2.png  photo 11_zps74df90b9.png  photo 02_zps088b0ebc.png

here @ greysour
Parks and Rec: Waffles
1st-Apr-2013 05:05 pm - 90 Doctor Who icons
Made for various challenges:
1-10: Chapter 2, Sidequest 2 (Tokens)
11-35: Chapter 3, Main quest (Before and After)
36-60: Chapter 1, Main quest (Adventure)
61-90: Chpater 4, Main quest (Paths)


More here at  shimmerdream
Once Upon A Time, Snow
29th-Mar-2013 10:57 am - Multifandom - Chapter 5, Sidequest 1
30 icons (25 + 5 alts) for Chapter 5, Sidequest 1.

Here @ wandringsteps!
HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red
23rd-Mar-2013 09:06 pm - Spooks/MI-5 battle

A Spooks/MI-5 themes battle

marcasite x raikune x the_silverdoe

2 - geometric 2 - geometric 2 - geometric
6 - looking down 6 - looking down 6 - looking down
Here :)
[55] Les Miserables, [30] The Awakening (20 of which are for Chapter 2's Main Quest, as inspired by oviedo's style)

here @ nailbites
。together → gaelio/ein
21st-Mar-2013 08:25 pm - chapter one, main quest

10 Nikita icons, all to be found HERE @ bl00dredskies.
Marvel Clint/Kate shoulder shooting
16th-Mar-2013 08:50 pm - Tea

Greetings! His Lordship invites all adventurers for tea, biscuits and ale right now, at the fine tavern Les Moustacheers, to discuss Icon Quest challenges, facial hair grooming and any other matters of your interest. The door is open to all!
The Icon Quest
16th-Mar-2013 02:47 pm - 37 Multifandom icons
37 Multifandom icons total. Entries for the Main Quest of Chapter #4 included. Lots of Tumblr graphics as well.

everything is here @ come_daylight
nothing to prove //;; cap marvel
13th-Mar-2013 06:24 pm - 45 multifandom icons.
Includes icons for my fifth attempt in the color palette side quest.

14 Lost
8 Teen Wolf
5 Nikita
5 Once Upon A Time
4 The Vampire Diaries
3 Glee
3 Pushing Daisies
3 Suits

Here at idyllicism.
Jane the Virgin - Jane/Michael - Kiss
27th-Feb-2013 08:18 pm - chapter 5: main quest
26 icons: Fringe, The Following, Cult, Dawson's Creek,
Charmed, Catching Fire, Revenge, OUAT, Black Swan.

here @ destruction_box
DD ● karen
26th-Feb-2013 07:40 pm(no subject)
01-30 Haven
31-55 Lord of the Rings
56-80 Misfits

here at thinking_stereo
got - dark dany
25th-Feb-2013 10:36 am - Last call: a friendly tournament

Last day for tournament signups!

I.C.O.N. and The Resistance
are participating in the cross-guild, epic tournament
of heroic, valiant icons.

Other guilds are wholeheartedly invited!
And I believe one more slot is open for The Resistance.

See the patrons, themes, and a bit of inspiration here.
Lord of the Rings - Saruman - Storm
22nd-Feb-2013 09:42 pm - chapter two: main quest
tv: sherlock, game of thrones, my mad fat diary, himym, true blood, ouat, pretty little liars

here at bearers
20th-Feb-2013 05:06 pm - A friendly tournament

Come to the mountains for a friendly guild tournament! :D

We're iconing heroic characters, according to themes you pick.
So far, themes include Burning Building Rescue, strength, glory, loyalty, and bravery.
Which themes do you think fit with the amazing heroes we see around us?

Choose your hero.
Maleficent - Motive behind the madness
12th-Feb-2013 09:05 pm - chapter four sidequest: multifandom
{027} Crystal Reed for brunette_20in20
{037} Multifandom for chapter four sidequest at theiconquest
{016} Misc



here @ paperdreamss
After almost two months of not iconning, I had to do it for The Lizzie Bennet Diairies. A bunch of older icons are in there as well.

[17+1] The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
[4+3] Tolkienverse
[4+3] Howl's Moving Castle
[1] Star Trek
[1+2] Elementary
[1+2] Harry Potter
[1+1] Pitch Perfect
[1] Paradise Kiss
[1+1] Jane Eyre

Here at eveningsky


Come join us for a guild tournament! :D
Maleficent - Motive behind the madness
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